Hot Tub Maintenance


Although we are best known for servicing Coast Spas, Cal Spas, Sunrise Spas and Dream Maker Spas -We have experience with all makes and models of spas.

We are well stocked with hot tub parts. Elements, boards, plumbing, jets, pumps, pressure switches, seals, bearings and much, much more.

We carry parts for and service: Beachcomber, Coast Spas, Cal Spas, Dimension one, Arctic Spas, Aruba, Jacuzzi, Soft Tub, Dream Maker, Sunrise, Sundance, Coleman, Strong, Durasport, Free Flow, Gulf Coast, Master Spas, Downeast Spas, Twilight Spas, Paragon Spas, Leisure's Edge, Pinnacle Plus and many more not listed.


Sparkling Pools And Spas offers free water analysis for all of our customers to help maintain safe water. To find out more about water analysis - please visit our section on Water Analysis.


Follow the EXACT instructions for each chemical as per the directions on the chemical bottle.

* Use separate, clean metal or plastic measuring cups for each chemical when measuring.
* Add the chemical to the pool water (unless otherwise noted on the label).
* Keep chemicals away from food surfaces like counters, tables, and stovetops.
* Wash your hands well after handling any chemical.
* Do not smoke, drink, or eat while using chemicals.
* Do not use contents of unlabeled containers.
* Do not mix different chemicals together or put spilled chemicals back into their containers.
* Do not touch undiluted chemicals with your hands.
* Do not generate dust when cleaning up a powder or solid. The dust can react with moisture on your skin and cause injury.
* Do not expose chemicals to heat or flame.
* Do not use a "dry chemical" fire extinguisher if a fire breaks out. Only use large amounts of water. If you can't extinguish the flame immediately, leave the area and call the fire department.