Hot Tub Installation

Installing a Hot Tub needs to be considered in its entirety. Location is as important as the equipment itself. Our professionals at Sparkling Pools And Spas will provide expert advice to assist you.


Before the hot tub is delivered to your home, ensure that the chosen site in your back yard, or on the deck, is prepared in advance:

  • Size & intimacy of the hot tub

First check to see if you have an area large enough to accommodate a hot tub. You have to plan the location not just for the hot tub itself, but must also have enough space around the tub to accommodate a shelter or gazebo, steps to access the tub, and any hot tub equipment that you may wish to add.

If there are neighbours close by, or if you build a hot tub in a communal area, choose a space isolated enough to install the hot tub. This will allow privacy for hot tub users, and will maintain your relationship with the neighbourhood. Hot tubs are relatively noisy when in use. This is important to think about!

  • Weight and Humidity

Ensure that the ground can support the weight, vibration and humidity of the hot tub. On average, a hot tub weighs between 250 and 500 kg, empty, and this weight can exceed 2 tons when filled with water. This is considerable, especially if you plan on building the hot tub on a patio or an elevated deck.

Hot tub consists of several pumps with 2 to 3 hp each, to allow the water to circulate and supply a sufficient amount of force to power the jets. This causes vibrations in the ground and should be anticipated.

Finally, be aware that the hot tub will release a lot of humidity which may cause damage if you place the tub under, or too close to a surface that is sensitive to humidity, for example, wood.


Once you have prepared the ground, you will need to install the hot tub in two stages:

  • Electrical Connections

All hot tubs need electricity to operate. Note that Swim Spas need a more powerful electrical supply; Consult an expert for this precise purpose.