SPARKLING POOLS AND SPAS sells, installs, repairs and maintains inground, above ground and on ground pools, as well as hot tubs and swim spas.

OPENING/WINTERIZING Our experts are experienced at opening and winterizing all types of pools.

POOL MAINTENANCE Services include: installing, opening, closing, inspecting, leak detection, weekly maintenance, liner replacement and more.

HOT TUB MAINTENANCE - We are well stocked with pool and hot tub parts. And - if we don’t have it in stock - our suppliers usually do! Pumps, motors, elements, boards, plumbing, jets, overlays, pressure switches, o’rings, seals, bearings and much, much more. 

We carry parts for and service: Beachcomber, Coast Spas, Cal Spas, Dimension one, Arctic Spas, Aruba, Jacuzzi, Soft Tub, Dream Maker, Sunrise, Sundance, Coleman, Strong, Durasport, Free Flow, Gulf Coast, Master Spas, Downeast Spas, Twilight Spas, Paragon Spas, Leisure's Edge, Pinnacle Plus and many more not listed. We are resourceful, well connected and will source out replacement parts for your hot tub or pool.

WATER ANALYSIS - As customers of SPAS your water testing is FREE - bring your fresh water sample in a clean bottle for on the spot water analysis. 

HOT TUB INSTALLATION - Although we are best known for servicing Coast Spas, Cal Spas, Sunrise Spas and Dream Maker Spas, we have experience with all makes and models.

POOL INSTALLATION - From selection to preparation and installation our pool professionals will guide the process. Home owners are educated about everything from municipal by-law regulations relating to pool installations to how to maintain their pool once it's perfectly installed. 

WARRANTIESSPAS cares about it’s customers and facilitates the process of having warrantied items that we sell, replaced and/or repaired by the manufacturer they are purchased from - this includes the Big Green Egg.

Opening / Winterizing

Let us take the worry out of opening and/or closing your pool and/or hot tub for you. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, our team of experts are ready to help you with the task of opening and winterizing it. Properly caring for your pool in all weather conditions is very important. Our specialists will provide you with the necessary tools and tips for maintaining your equipment. Contact us today!

Pool Maintenance

Trust us for the maintenance of your pool and/or spa. Our specialists will be able to provide you with the tools and advice needed to properly maintain your equipment.

Hot Tub Maintenance

To ensure that your hot tub functions properly for many years to come, regular maintenance needs to be done. We offer a comprehensive maintenance service for your hot tub, including cleaning, inspection and more. Our team will provide you with quality services to meet and exceed your expectations.

Water Analysis

Here at Sparkling Pools And Spas we take a custom approach to pool and hot tub water analysis. We never let our customers fall for expensive gimmick products we would never use ourselves.

Hot Tub Installation

After purchasing a spa, the next most important step is setup and installation. Location is as important as the equipment itself—that’s why installing a hot tub is a project that needs to be considered in its entirety. For peace of mind as well as to ensure proper installation, entrust this task to the experts at Sparkling Pools and Spas.

Pool Installation

Specialists in above ground and inground pool installations.